Chicago, Illinois

Challenge: OfficeLinks is a growing group of office business centers providing premiere officing facilities, state of the art technology and operational support in prime locations. The selected site is in the most technologically advanced center in the country. The floor plan is divided into four equal wings with a central service core. Views are unobstructed and magnificent. The center contains over 100 offices, pantries, breakout areas, reception and conference rooms.






30,000 gross square feet (including building core)

Sears (Willis) Tower, Suite 8400, 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois

Building constructed in 1973.

Previous tenant's premises completely demolished. Re-useable components were protected and stored as part of LEED program.

Space Configuration:

Space has four wings with a large central service core. Offices, suites, tea room, commons areas and conference spaces are located in all fours wings.

The building: The Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States.

Chicago: Views from the 84th floor of the tower are magnificent along with its architecture.

Our Client: OfficeLinks, along with AoPlan, had a comprehensive concept of the final product.

The Solution:

The OfficeLinks center contains 105 offices, team rooms and multi-office suites. Offices are furnished with flexible components to support the varied needs of the office users.The general design of the center is "minimalist". It relies on the use of premium materials applied where they will have the greatest visual and utilitarian effect. An example is the board room that appears to be enclosed in clear glass and provides a magnificent view of Chicago and the Lake beyond. A wall switch activates liquid crystals, turns the glass opaque, and gives the boardroom privacy. The center's support technology, including its AV capabilities, is state of the art. Re-use of materials, selection of furnishings, design of air circulation and efficient power usage are intended to provide the basis for LEED certification for the center.