AoPlan offers a free initial, no obligation one hour consultation by telephone or email. This allows perspective alternate officing facility developers to judge the depth of our knowledge and capabilities before engaging us as consultant and planners.

Norman Fox is a native Pennsylvanian, born, raised, and educated in Philadelphia. His secondary education consisted of three years at Temple University where he studied architectural design and building construction technology and three years at the University of Florida where he graduated from the college of Architecture and Fine Arts with honors. Mr. Fox also attended Drexel University for post graduate work in marketing management.

"Mr. Fox proved to be an excellent resource for all aspects of planning the office business center.  His advised us on market research, economic feasibility, design, construction management, purchasing, client marketing and operations.  His experience and advice was invaluable, and has turned what would have been just an average center into a great one."

"There is no substitute for vision and broad based experience.  Norman Fox is one of the most knowledgeable, creative  and practical business consultants I have ever had the privilege of working with."

"The marketing study conducted by Mr. Fox was the key to properly positioning our center in the market.  It was thorough, well researched and carefully analyzed.  It caused us to reposition the center to service a more upscale clientele and has proven to be uncannily accurate."

Glenn Weller, Palm Beach Gardens Executive Suite



AoPlan (Alternative Officing Planning Services) provides a comprehensive planning, design, development and consultation services dedicated to the office business center industry. Our services include site selection and consultation, project cost and efficiency analyses, space planning and architectural and interior design. We have been successfully providing our services, nationally, since 1999 as Executive Suite From 1988 to 1999, our industry services were limited to two major national providers of executive suites. Our new name, AoPlan, is the result of expanding alternate officing workplace environment and technology.

AoPlan continues as a national service supplier. Our planning, design and development services are performed in-house to insure quick response, quality control and cost effective delivery to our clients. When required, clients are referred to AoPlan-qualified sources for training, technology issues and packages, operational practices and marketing needs.